Day 1

4 September 2017 
09.15Marc Van MontaguOpening - GMOs in Integrated Plant Production
09.40Marc BardinIntroduction IOBC-WPRS
11.15Richard  HellmichEstablishing habitats in GM crop landscapes to benefit monarch butterflies, pollinators and ecological services
11.40Piet van der MeerSetting the research agenda for crop improvement
12.05Geert KesselDevelopment and assessment of IPM strategies for the cultivation of cisgenically modified late blight resistant potato
13.30Michael MeissleHow do genetically engineered plants fit into integrated production systems?
15.00Sylvie De BuckTechnology transfer and capacity building in biotechnology and biosafety for a sustainable and intensified agriculture in Africa
15.15Siphiwokuhle ShanduDelevopment and deployment of transgenic maize hybrids to smallholder farmers in South Afrika
15.30Egas NhamuchoAdvances in Maize Research in Mozambique
15.45Nyasha MutsauUtility of modern biotechnology as a strategy for Integrated Crop Management in Zimbabwe: a review
16.00Carlos HoudegbeCurrent status and future of Genetically Modified Crops in Benin
16.15K.G. PongiGMOs and sustainable development in Dr Congo: State of play and perspectives
16.30Sanou EdouardWhat kind of biotechnology do famers prefer? A Discrete Choice Experiment considering Cotton cultivation in Burkina Faso
16.45Daniel BometAddressing prevalent and emerging constraints to maize production through breeding in Uganda

Day 2

5 September 2017 
09.00Emilio MontesinosAntimicrobial and defence elicitor peptides in plant protection. Design, evaluation, production and biosafety
09.30Boet GlandorfGM microbial biocontrol agents in the EU - Applications, environmental risk assessment and regulation
10.00Tim EyrichInnovative plant protection products are needed to save citrus
11.00Sofie GoormachtigThe use of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to stimulate juvenile maize growth
11.30Thomas JacobsNew Plants from Gene Editing
12.00Ralph ScorzaMaking RNAi Plum Pox Virus resistant plum trees available to farmers for integrated orchard disease management
13.30Jeroen Van RieIRM for Bt crops: successes and challenges
14.00Galen DivelyField-evolved Resistance in Corn Earworm to Cry Proteins Expressed in Transgenic Sweet Corn
14.30Christoph BuukWhere we are going after ten years of MON 810 resistance monitoring of field populations of Ostrinia nubilalis in Europe
15.30Joost DesseinDoes GM-policy need some modification as well? Reflections from social sciences
16.00Mohammad KaramiInstant induction of resistance evolution against CRISPR/Cas9 gene drive
16.30Ayda KhorramnejadInsecticidal activity and cytotoxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1la7



Note: The presentations for the Wednesday morning session (day 3, 6 September 2017)  have been collected and made available through the IPlanta Cost Action.

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Organizing committee:

Michael Meissle (Convenor)
Guy Smagghe
Godelieve Gheysen
Patrick Rudelsheim
Adinda De Schrijver
Piet van der Meer
Sylvie de Buck
René Custers
Geert Angenon
Bart Van Droogenbroeck
Salvatore Arpaia

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Host institution:

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

8th meeting of the
IOBC-WPRS working group
"GMOs in Integrated Plant Production"

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